Hello Class of 1972!   Can you believe graduation was 50 YEARS ago ??!!  Our Golden Reunion countdown has begun!     The details can be found HERE.  And REGISTRATION is now Open!  



Click here to check our list to see if you are missing! Or do you know someone who is?  Ten years ago we had about 450 names from our class of around 650.  Today HALF of those contacts have been lost.  We need current email to be sure everyone knows about this milestone opportunity.  Please help! 
We are also Requesting your help to ensure info on the site is accurate, and particularly as we learn the passing of classmates. Please send email to us at   rhs1972alumni@gmail.com.
Stay Safe and Healthy!
**This website is a tool to try to help us stay informed and connected. As a volunteer to manage the site, and I will be the first to admit I’m a novice. I would like to do more with it but could use support with the photos section. Also, if anyone wants to “blog” let me know!