Now that we celebrated our 50th Reunion…. 

How do we stay connected when everyone lives all over the place? We need to do more than just connecting at Reunions. Here are some ideas.

Text messages and Group chats take little time and let you connect easily. Even if you try to talk on the phone as often as possible, there are still little things that happen through the days that you probably won’t get to share during those big conversations. Group chats let you chat about the small stuff, which really turns out to be the best stuff at the end of the day.

Share big news with each other before you post it on social media. It’s important to let your friends know firsthand with your news.

When you make time to Facetime or Skype, and stick to it. We all get busy, so it’s easy to cancel on plans you already made with friends but it’s a slippery slope. 

Plan a gathering or trip together well in advance. Be intentional about planning get togethers. That might mean you have to step up to be the coordinator but it’s worth it. 

Send each other cards or care packages. This is an “old school” way to let your friends know you care about them. If someone is going through a rough patch, gather things you know will make them feel better and ship without telling them it’s coming. Small gestures like this go a long, long way in maintaining relationships. 







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