Hello John H. Reagan Class of 1972!

Summer is here and it reminds me of the Johnny Rivers 1967 tune called Summer Rain. Do you remember it?  “Summer rain taps at my window…..West wind soft as a sweet dream….”  Thinking back to the summer following our graduation, what did you do after walking across the stage?  What was your summer experience?  Whatever you did – I’m sure those summer days and nights will forever be remembered fondly.

We all have had ups and downs but we hold on to the good memories through our years.  We have grown up and realize the importance of surrounding ourselves with family and friends. And this includes those from high school.  Some of you may not have kept in touch with anyone in our class… while others have maintained some core relationships.  Perhaps you have never attended a class reunion or maybe you haven’t missed a single one…  Whatever your circumstance please consider that we — your classmates — are here to be a friend.

As we have or are moving into the “retirement phase” of our lives, we look for what we can do to stay young and active.   AARP says that
Friends Can Boost Health, Well-Being Among Older Adults
Notice they said “Older” not OLD!  They even go as far to say that ‘these relationships can benefit you even more than family.’  So let’s stay young and reach out to other classmates for new or renewed friendship. The RHS Women of 1972 recently came together in April to do just that! And it’s only 3 years from our 50th REUNION!  Make plans to attend BUT don’t wait until then to reach out… no one is promised a tomorrow and so I encourage you to use this website and our FaceBook page to stay connected.

Stay Young!
Toni Dunne
**This website is just a tool to try to help us stay informed and connected. As a volunteer to manage the site, and I will be the first to admit I’m a novice. I would like to do more with it but could use support with the photos section. Also, if anyone wants to “blog” let me know!