Hello Class of 1972!

Can you believe it’s been 48 years since we graduated?!? Another school year has past, and once again it’s graduation time.  Do you recall what your experience was like?  Whatever you did… 2020 graduates are experiencing something entirely different.

This COVID-19 pandemic is — well — it’s just hard for all! It’s up to us to decide what we can do to help ourselves and others.  One thing is for sure … We are so fortunate to live in a time where we can pick up the phone and not just voice call a friend; we can video call them! Back in 1970, AT&T debuted the first “picture phone”! But it hasn’t been that many years since this became a reality for most of our world. So while we have had to distance ourselves physically, we can still SEE each other!    
So, take advantage of the technology around you and catch up with friends. Whether it is a group call or a one-on-one call… make it happen.  Whether you have friends who are nearby or across the country,  we can SEE each other and share our stories.  Some of you may not have kept in touch with anyone in our class… while others have maintained some core relationships.  Perhaps you have never attended a class reunion or maybe you haven’t missed a single one…  Whatever your circumstance please consider that we — your classmates — are here to be a friend. We can brighten someones day with just a “hello, how are you” call. Friends can boost your health and well-being!
Stay Safe and Healthy!
Toni Dunne
**This website is just a tool to try to help us stay informed and connected. As a volunteer to manage the site, and I will be the first to admit I’m a novice. I would like to do more with it but could use support with the photos section. Also, if anyone wants to “blog” let me know!