Check this list to see if you are missing! Or do you know someone who is?  WE NEED EMAIL ADDRESSES! or mailing!

Ten years ago we had about 450 names from our class of around 650.  Today HALF of those contacts have been lost.  If your name is on this list, we need current email to be sure you get info about our 50th Reunion and this milestone opportunity.  Please help! Send updates to – THANKS!

Yearbook Last Name Married Name    
Lala   Baker      
Mark Ballard      
Carolyn Barton      
Carolyn Bell      
Cynthia Bertleson Butler    
Gary Blazek      
Linda Carothers Roberts    
Richard Crow      
David Michael Fischer      
Cathy Jean Flowers      
Xavier Louis Garcia      
Denise Goldsmith      
Sheila Gregg Kothmann    
Lydia Harris Deats    
Jeffrey  Hill      
Minka Howard      
Christine Keller Chappell    
Terry Kubsch      
Bruce  Lindsey      
Raymond Eugene Ludwig      
Patricia  Mason Wilson    
Wanda  McDonald Wolsch    
Kevin Joseph McGee      
Jack Nunnelee      
Vanajaram  Rao      
Charles Robert Ravenburg      
Gary Reid      
Warren Wayne  Sanders      
David Simmons      
Rene  Singleton Andrews    
Otis Smith      
Lawrence Vanston      
Troy Voelker      
Mary Williams