December 3, 2012   Raiders, We had a really good turnout December 3rd at La Palapa! It was so much FUN!!!!! The Class of ’72 won a paver stone for the Alumni Garden for having the most participants.  Thank you all who came in support of Reagan: the kids, the teachers, the coaches and the community. We are going to change lives with our efforts. Truly! I’ve heard story after story that convinces me God has his hand in this and it has been incredible to see it unfold. I’m in awe and excited about what’s happening and what we can do. In the next couple of days, Trish Lopez Broz or I will be posting how much money we raised so far and information on how you can buy your own brick for the Alumni Garden (pretty much everyone got one of these!) and how you can become a Raider Nation Alumni Foundation Charter Member and how you can make a donation of any kind. Today though, I have to catch up at my real job!  Love you all. Thank you for believing. We will definitely do this again!  By Stacy Cogburn Becker

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